You have the right to know who your dog is being left with so here is a bit of information about us:

We are a husband and wife team - Gemma and Alex! We have both lived in Leicester all our life and up until 2014 we both worked in an office doing a 9am - 5pm shift. However, Gemma was made redundant and whilst this is generally taken as bad news, Gemma took this as an opportunity to start something new and something that she enjoys. Dog grooming has been something that Gemma has been interested in since she bought home Euston at 8 weeks old (he's the handsome man on the home page) - he is a Giant Schnauzer. Gemma has groomed him since he was a young puppy and he is who we have to thank for getting us both into grooming professionally. Dogs are amazing animals and they never fail to make you laugh. You cannot beat the love and happiness that they give you that moment you walk in the house after being away from them.

After being made redundant Gemma decided to gain a professional qualification in dog grooming. She gained her City & Guilds Level 2 for Dog Grooming Assistants qualification in April 2014. Although the City & Guilds qualification is not a requirement to move into a dog grooming career, she felt that she could not go into this industry until she had gained a full understanding in regards to the care and grooming requirements of some many different and amazing breeds of dogs. After only 18 months into starting the business Gemma was full and had to close her books to any new customers. At this point Gemma decided to train Alex in the hope that we could get Alex to the standard of a fully trained dog groomer to be able re-open the books to new customers. Alex succeeded and took delivery of his mobile grooming van in March 2018.

He got so busy that he took the decision to also leave his 9am - 5pm job in May 2019 and has been working as a full time dog groomer ever since and never ever looked back! We are both extremely passionate about dogs and the joy that they bring to their families. We find an amazing amount of satisfaction in beautifying these amazing animals.

Since moving into the salon the demand increased even further and we had Hannah join the team in September 2020. Hannah has been an animal lover since before they could even speak, but never knew what they wanted to do for a job. Hannah combined their love of the creative arts and animals and found a passion in dog grooming. Hannah loves dog grooming, and takes immense pride in their work. Sadly, Hannah can't own a dog yet, but spends a lot of time with their parent's rescue dog Scamp, and has a lot of other animals at home, including a snake, a gecko and rats.

Ok, that is a very short snapshot of us - we hope to meet you very soon!!

Why Shampoochies?

We share the same passion towards our furry canine friends as you. Your furry family member will not only be in the safest but also the friendliest of care.